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iGaming Marketing for Beginners

The iGaming industry is growing rapidly. Last year, one in four people from the UK gambled online. By comparison, only one in six people played online casino games in 2015. 

Of course, the online gambling industry—like all other industries out there—had an unusual year in 2020.

Many brick-and-mortar casinos around the world shut down following government mandates. This left online casinos to dominate the industry, attracting 64% new customers as a result.

Another piece of statistic every iGaming stakeholder needs to know is that the industry generated $66.67B last year. This income is poised to jump to $100 billion in five years. 

With that in mind, let’s dive into one of the most important aspects of running an iGaming business: Marketing.

What is iGaming Marketing?

iGaming marketing is a deliberate effort to create visibility for any business involved in the online gambling industry. It works through two strategies: paid marketing and organic marketing—aka SEO.

Although most iGaming businesses have a monthly budget for advertising, they all wish they could market their businesses organically. That’s because organic marketing is cheaper and provides results.

 Why is iGaming Marketing Important?

The online casino industry is competitive. Every year, a new country legalizes iGaming. Every month, a new casino site crops up. Every day, someone is gambling online. But why do you really need professional online casino marketing services?

Creating Awareness

The core reason for marketing your gambling business is to create awareness about it. No one can visit your gambling affiliate website, your online casino, or your software provider business unless you market it.

Of course, you want to highlight your services persuasively and naturally. And you want to prove that you provide more value than your competitors. 


The average online casino player is ready to jump ship if they find a better iGaming site. Marketing can help you persuade players to join your site. But if you don’t, someone else will persuade and score these customers.

Increasing Sales

Let’s cut the chase. The primary reason you should market your business is to attract new customers. In turn, these customers can help turn a profit for your business. Usually, the more effective iGaming marketing your—the more profit you’re likely to make.

Brand Loyalty

Take a look at the biggest brands in the iGaming industry. They’re constantly marketing their products. Maybe they partner with influencers. Maybe they have a blog jam-packed with valuable content. 

They invest heavily in marketing not just to win new customers. They also want to engage with existing customers to buy their loyalty.


Give people a reason to love your iGaming business. And there’s a chance they will recommend you to their friends. This is what advocacy is all about—building a positive reputation for your brand. More importantly, it can earn you customers free of cost.

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