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Crypto Marketing Guide for Beginners

The process of launching a crypto project is sophisticated, expensive, lengthy, and full of legal obstacles. Yet, creating a blockchain platform is just one of the many steps involved before a crypto project succeeds.

Crypto marketing is an integral part of every blockchain startup’s success. Surprisingly, loads of good projects fail because their owners couldn’t market them efficiently. Owing to that backdrop, this article provides a brief guide on crypto marketing and how to do it right.

What is Crypto Marketing?

Crypto marketing is the process of using high-quality communication to attract investors and consumers to a blockchain-related startup. The end goal is to create awareness, encourage engagement and increase sales for a project.

Types of Crypto Marketing

Whether a crypto startup succeeds or fails depends on how its management approaches marketing. Sure, solid technical fundamentals are essential. And it’s also important for a project to have a team of capable, trustworthy experts. 

But you need to market your project through the following channels to increase your chances of success:

  • Digital Marketing

The world revolves around the Internet today. This makes it absolutely important for every business to have an online presence. For crypto businesses, Internet marketing isn’t an option. It’s compulsory.

That said, Internet marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all the practices needed to reach the right audience and to generate results.

  • Blog Marketing

Blogging is no longer exclusive to students and stay-at-home parents. It’s an incredible marketing tool for online businesses. In the crypto space, a blog is where you make official announcements, updates, and explanations about your product.

You can also use blogging to create awareness about your project, attract an audience and convert them into clients.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO involves optimizing a website to make your content rank higher on search engines. Crypto marketers use SEO methods like link building to attract quality, organic traffic to a company’s website and blog. SEO has an excellent return on investment now that it attracts people interested in crypto projects. It also leads to long-term marketing success. 

  • Social Media Marketing

Ever wondered why every crypto startup owns telegram, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts? Social media marketing holds limitless opportunities. A large percentage of crypto investors are on social media. As such, it makes sense to target them through their favorite networks.

  • Offline Marketing

Although there’s a growing focus on digital marketing, offline marketing is still effective in 2021. More importantly, it’s helpful for crypto businesses aiming to target a wider audience. They can use print, TV, billboards, and sports sponsorships to get the word out there.

  • Airdrops and Bounty Campaigns

Airdrops and bounty programs are highly effective marketing strategies in the blockchain community. The explanation is simple. Crypto investors are constantly looking for the next big coin.

With an airdrop campaign, you have a chance to explain and persuade potential investors why your project has a place in the industry. And in doing so, you’ll have a community that’s willing to market your project out there.

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